Cancer is a major burden to the ageing populations. The lifetime probability of getting a cancer is currently 40%. Cancer is a chronic disease that creates huge costs to the society due to high treatment costs and loss of productivity.

LightOpsy proposes a novel approach, which is expected to revolutionize biopsy acquisition. Today, with current methods, about 15% of samples fail due to their inadequacy for diagnostics. With real-time AI-based tissue recognition, we can help the interventional radiologist to conduct biopsies safely and accurately from right spot.

LightOpsy is result of extensive research work of University of Oulu, Aalto University and Oulu University Hospital. Common research project has shown highly promising results to improve biopsy process.

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The LightOpsy Smart Core Needle Biopsy provides navigation during the biopsy. This helps the interventional radiologist to recognize the tissue path and spot the correct tissue.

Our mission is to ensure that 100% of biopsy samples are conducted safely and correctly.

LightOpsy offers a new solution that increases the accuracy of biopsies. LightOpsy provides a new biopsy probe with tissue measurement. The system measures a tissue spectrum from the tip of the biopsy needle. AI algorithms identify different tissues in real-time. The user can then determine necrotic tissue and viable tissue selectively during the biopsy procedure.

We have received impressive results from research studies. LightOpsy's overall accuracy is 98% and its necrosis sensitivity reaches 96%.

LightOpsy Smart Biopsy System

We have developed a novel biopsy solution for improved biopsies. Ultrasound is typically used to locate the correct organ and its suspected tumor for biopsy. With LightOpsy smart biopsy solution, the interventional radiologist can follow real-time tissue path and ensure correct location from sampling using tissue and depth information from LightOpsy display together with Ultrasound navigation. Radiologist can trigger the LightOpsy smart biopsy gun to take sample.

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Clinical benefits of Novel Biopsy

Biopsies represent the gold standard in cancer diagnostics. Biopsies, however, often fail due to sampling of non-representative tissue. This leads to delay in diagnosis and treatment, and additional cost to the medical system.

Ultrasound is typically used to locate the correct organ and its suspected tumor for biopsy. Radiologists want to obtain an adequate target sample for diagnostics and avoid necrotic tissues.

Diagnoses cannot be made from necrotic tissue. Today, with current methods, about 15% of samples fail due to their inadequacy for diagnostics.

In Europe alone, 85 000 redundant biopsies are made every year. LightOpsy can therefore help us save time and money. In Europe, direct expenses for repeated procedures totals 125 million euros a year. Repeated procedures also create patient discomfort, extra risks and delayed diagnoses.

Benefits of LightOpsy

LightOpsy’s benefit for the patient is that we can help to avoid unnecessary distress due to prolonged procedures. We can also help to avoid diagnostic delays and the start of treatment. In the worst case, these delays can lead to cancer progression or even death. LightOpsy can also reduce the risks related to repeat biopsies.”
LigthOpsy profices a tool for Interventional radiologist to ensure tissue path with real-time information. For the interventional radiologist, LightOpsy provides precise information from tissues and biopsy samples during the biopsy procedure. The benefits for any radiologist is that LightOpsy helps to achieve safer, faster biopsies with higher success rates.”
Pathologist diagnostic accuracy will be improved with good quality samples. LightOpsy ensures adequacy of the biopsy sample, being large enough and taken only from the intended tissue. The good quality biopsy sample helps pathologists in their diagnostic analyses to find specific cancer markers for subsequent treatment planning.

Biopsy Market

The Needle-based Biopsy instrument market is worth of 1440 MUSD globally. The biopsy instrument market is growing 8% - 10% growth rate annually. The Core Needle Biopsy Market size is 55% of total market being 800 million US dollars. The core needle biopsy gun market size is 30%, being 240 million US dollars and the core biopsy needles comprise 70%, which is 560 million US dollars. The global liver biopsy market is 200 million US dollars solely.

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